Tuesday, July 04, 2006

over the rockies

so, we went over the rockies. yesterday was a long 106.5 mile ride. the incline wasn't as steep as we'd expected, but the supposed 70 miles of downhill didn't much feel like downhill. we peddled hard all day. it was however, one of our favorite rides so far. the craggs on the mountain tops were spectacular and the river running along side us all day was filled with rafters and tubers. there was lightning and some rainfall, but not too much, thankfully. we wound down at whole foods and shopped til we dropped! after that we watched some tour de france and then abby spent a sleepless night throwing up. but at least the inexplicable rash on her arm had gone away, she got the bug out of her eye, and the itching of her 5 mosquito bites subsided. she's catching up on her sleep today and she feels alot better. amanda finished "Queen of the Oddballs" and it was a GREAT read! also, we meant to thank David for sending us all the snacks back in Salt Lake. we've eaten all the m&m's out of the trail mix. Oh, and go see "An Inconvenient Truth" the Al Gore movie about Global Warming. It's really informative and scary. we'll have photos and videos to post soon.