Sunday, July 02, 2006

continental divide

last night's show was so much fun. there was loads of juggling; pins and glow in the dark juggling balls were flying all over the place during "we're not clown's" opening act. thanks to the audience who picked our set out of skeleton's hat throughout the evening. and thanks to everyone who wished us well in the mountains and saw us off for this morning's ride.

today we hit the rockies. 59 miles. we've been warned again and again, "wait 'til you get to the rockies." it was steep up Rabbit Ears Pass, we gained 2600 feet in 9 miles, but thankfully no wind. abby was in her reclaimed "Granny" gear the entire time. we think it might not have been as steep as a couple of hills on the california coast near golita, but it was close. we were joined by some riders named Lyle and Danny who have ridden the pass before.

it was a beautiful ride but not a lot of downhill as the second half was mostly through a wide valley. amanda was glad to only count 5 dead animals. abby was not glad to have swallowed and then reguritated a large insect while riding downhill with her mouth open. she wanted to take a picture of it to post, so she spit it onto her sleeve. unfortunatley it fell off when the spit dried up. too bad. we tried to gain strength by thinking about the tour de france riders who were sprinting us hills steeper than this one at the same time we were riding, but it didn't work too well. tomorrow, we do another morning climb and then 70 miles of downhill into fort collins for 4th of july! if all goes well we'll have some helmet cam. action to post next week.