Friday, June 30, 2006

steamboat springs

praise the good universe! we're in steamboat springs staying at a condo. near the theater we're playing saturday night. this curtosey of scott and kelly who have housed us, fed us, and entertained us with waterfall hikes, juggling lessons, bar B Qs, croquette, and complimentary passes to the hot springs to soak our tired legs.
all this and we didn't even have to use our get out of hell free card. true, there are five of us sharing a one bedroom condo. but we don't mind really. we've been relaxing in our little home away from home for three full days. this came at just the right time as we'll be hitting the Rocky mountains on Sunday and heading towards fort colllins for the 4th of july.
waterfall and abby

our host and juggler scott and daughter delaney on the hike

abby's feet after a hike in flip flops.

we found two great little health food stores and a produce stand on the Yampa river where we've been shopping for dinners that abby has made for the past couple days. brown rice, kale with garlic and onions; summer squash and corn saute; avocado, cucumber, and toasted sunflower seed salad. Bamboo market has also made us nice lunches with their home baked whole grain seed bread, and fresh squeezed veggie and fruit juices. thanks guys and gals. we will not leave town hungry that is for sure. abby is banking on a vegan strawberry muffin for breakfast on departure day.

thanks for fixing up our bikes guys! we wore out both our chains and our 2nd set of brake pads.

amanda's been editing like crazy to finish some of the videos we've made on the trip. thanks to stephanie at Geek's Garage
for setting us up with an external drive to make life more sane for editing. the videos should be up on past posts so check them out if you haven't already.

Rest Day Details: we've been listening to Belle and Sebastions "if you're feeling sinister", and abby practicing bach's cello suit (poorly, sorry guys i'm out of practice).

abby and amanda have been devouring the book,"Queen of the Oddballs" by Hillary Carlip. what an inspiring and entertaing life she has led. highly recommended reading.

Boo is making rapid juggling progress and will surpass ian, abby, and amanda with her stunning skills in no time.