Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mother's Day Training Ride

The highlight of today's ride was not the shit filled plastic bag strewn across mullholland drive, nor was it getting pulled over by the cops for running a red light in encino. For Amanda it was sleeping on the sidewalk in front of a Canoga park eatery after consuming two spanikopita, a large salad, and a carob mint shake. Details follow: a 58 mile ride with lots of hills, some long and gradual, some short and very steep. it was cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon with a bit of a head wind. all the mustard on mullholland drive is in bloom and it looks beautiful despite all the smog down below. abby was dissapointed that she did not meet her 60 mile goal for the day, but she added in extra hills instead of the flats so what does she expect. the total miles for last week was 293. high speed was recorded by abby at 36.5 mph followed closely behind by amanda at 36.2. today's food log; abby ate: one bowl of oatmeal with apples, raisins, and rice milk, half of a mushroom and grain burger, a choclate mint shake, a large salad, two bites of amanda's spanikopita, bowl of brown rice, cup of miso soup, two cups of fish soup, kale, hijiki, tofu salad, lotus root, three to four bites of rick's soy ice cream, cherry flavored, one glass of herbal tonic, a lot more cherry soy ice cream later. amanda ate: one bowl of oatmeal (same as abby's), the aforementioned spanikopita lunch, half a bowl of fish soup, one cup bean soup, one glass herbal tonic, pickled cabbage, hijiki, kale, tofu salad, five spoonfuls of abby's brown rice, half (at least) of rick's four scoops of cherry soy cream, and a lot more ice cream later. abby agrees the highlight was lying in the sun on the sidewalk. today's ride completed a good training week for us. tomorrow is a rest day and we're glad because our legs are a bit sore already.

For those of you who don't know what we're talking about, we're in training for our cross country bike tour. we will soon have a new page for our day to day blog but for now it'll be on the news page. for more training ride info. see other entries below.