Wednesday, May 17, 2006

May 13 Training Ride

there are only a matter of days before we leave for our "Moon Over the Freeway" bicycle across america tour. we've been training hard and here is our account:

todays ride, May 13th: 80 miles. mostly flat with 15 miles of hills at the tail end. relatively cool with clouds then sun. amanda got a sunburn. abby got a flat tire at the end near her house. today ABBY ate: half a grapefruit, one organic cliff nectar bar, one bowl of rice cereal, eggplant and navy bean salad, two small pieces of bread drenched in olive oil, entire head of butter lettuce and tomato salad, half of a raspberry tart, half of another rich dessert, deep fried mochi, brown rice, huge miso soup with lots of vegetables, arame with raw saurkraut. one large chocolate chip cookie. today AMANDA ate: one piece of yeast free toast with blackberry jam, one peanut butter cliff bar, bannana smoothie with rice milk, two HA's apple dried fruit rolls, eggplant and three bean salad, oven roasted veggies, kale, tofu salad, sesame bean sprouts, pickled cabbage, cup of bean soup, deep fried mochi, coconut macaroon, one large chocolate chip cookie.

today was the first day riding 80 miles!!!