Friday, May 19, 2006

LA river training ride

Yesterday's ride was not worth mentioning. but i mentioned it anyway. today's ride was tiring for no reason at all. it was 45 miles of hills and flats. everything was hard and i was riding by myself (no amanda). i saw a lot of cool graffiti on the los angeles river bike path. by the way, if you live in the los angeles area don't forget this sunday is the LA river ride and proceeds go to help the Los Angeles bike coalition. they need members to help make LA a bike friendly city. today's pre ride story was Truman Capote's "children on their birthdays". highly recommended by me. today's post ride music was birds and wind chimes. today's ride details: lots of wind seemed to be against me at every turn. uphill downhill, north south, east west, WIND. today's food: oatmeal with rice milk, cliff bar apple cran. cherry flavor, quinoa with pickled cabbage, avocado, large lima beans, daikon radish and nama shoyu. also kale, hijiki, tofu salad, kabocha pumpkin soup, buckwheat noodles, miso soup, Laloos goat ice cream, and i'm thinking about getting a cookie for a midnight snack.

training is almost coming to a close as the big departure day of May 25th draws near. hope to see you all on the Venice Beach bike path at 10:00am at Rose ave. for our Ride out of town. there will be music, bikes, and fun. see you there if you don't have to work.