Tuesday, May 23, 2006

may 22, our last training day

what am i doing awake at 1:00 am when i've got so much to do in the morning? writing my training log of course. oh yes, and now that it is after midnight it is officially the day of release for our new album "Moon Over the Freeway". The RIDE: Today's training ride was beautiful. we waited out the storm and rode an afternoon ride in the hollywood hills and up through griffith park. a nice little 40 mile loop. a lot of technical difficulties with amanda's bike made the trip just over 4 hours long. today's song stuck in abby's head while riding was the chorus from that new Madonna song, "time goes by...so slowly". the song stuck in amanda's head while riding was Dan Powter's "Bad Day". Today's ride insults consisted of none directed at us aside from an occasional blaring horn. One angry driver crashed into a curb while having a fight with his cell phone. another angry driver yelled get a job at a homeless man asking for help. Lots of loud ugly noises today. Favorite overall insult thus far was the young woman who took the time to roll down her window as she nearly ran me over telling me to "Get a Car!" i secretly fantasized that she would crash into a brick wall (without getting hurt of course), and be extremely embarrased. The view from the top of Ferndell was quite clear and lovely. Today's top speed was recorded by abby at 32 mph. Today's post ride wind down music was Charlie Byrd. Abby's food log: half grapefruit, quinoa, pickled cabbage, avocado, nama shoyu, shredded daikon, brown rice nori maki, salad with tahini dressing, half a cucumber and apple juice with ginger, apple with almond butter on every slice, cherries, piece of watermelon, peanut butter macro bar, toasted sunflower seeds and cranberries, almonds, some really dark chocolate. Amanda's food log: Kombucha tea, orange, quinoa, avocado, saurkraut, flax oil, 2 and 1/2 nectar bars, one veggie burger with the works, half a cucumber and apple juice with ginger, small salad, some of abby's salad, two pieces of abby's nori maki, cherries, watermelon, late night PB and J sandwich on Alvarado bread. This is probably the last training day until thursday's departure. We hope for beautiful Los Angeles sunshine on the 25th.