Sunday, May 28, 2006

Day 4

Today's ride was very much a repeat of yesterday but not quite as long or hard. there were a lot of nice smells in the morning like strawberry fields, eucalyptus trees, and other plants that i'm not sure what they were. we rode 71 miles today and here are the highlights: the area just north of San luis Obispo, the rock at morro bay, the vultures straight out of jungle book, a large deranged wild cat running across my path causing me to cross the Hwy. 1 in fear that it might have rabies and attack me, stopping in at Art's Cyclery in San Luis Obispo.

Entertaining moments were: the horrible excuse for a song i made in my head while riding up a long hill, the moment when amanda asked "is it Super Bowl Sunday?", watching a lizard do push ups and thinking i could climb up a hill if he could do that, then shortly thereafter realizing how slow i was going when a lizard was moving faster than i was.

post ride song i sang in the shower was Dan Hick's : I feel like singin'

Amanda Saw lots of cute cows grazing today. Saw an old man carry sweet pea flowers near the beach. There was a very Goonie's like Rock coming out of the ocean in Morro Bay. Watched many flight battles between vultures and smaller birds.

Amanda's Mind-Tunes (songs stuck in her head during the ride) were "If I were a rich man" from Fiddler and "If I were a rich girl" by Gwen. Yesterday's song on repeat was "Summer Lovin'" from Grease.

Amanda counted 28 dead animals on the road today. 3 times she started to count lizards and they ran away alive and well.
Abby saw 2 dead rattlesnakes and one unusually large snake that her sister thinks could have been a bull rattlesnake.
There's a lot of life and death out there everyone, so be safe when you're driving home from your three day weekend adventures.

Amanda's Food Log: Breakfast was granola and rice milk. Snacks throughout the day were multiple Haas Apple Fruit Rolls, 1 and a half bags of Clif Shot Blocks, 2 Nectar Bars, a luna bar, a clif bar, Clif electrolite powder in water bottle. Lunch was delish at Natural Cafe in San Luis Obisbo. Love that place! and the town, so cool. It houses the Madonna Inn - a must-stay for any traveler who likes theme rooms. Lunch was the best smoothie I've had in a long time called Michelle My Belle, Half a salad and half a veggie stir fry with yummy tofu. So many things to order that we didn't have time to get. Dinner: tamale and beans, rice and chips.

Abby's Food log: only one cliff nectar bar, 2 and 1/2 HAs roll ups, lots of figs, rice cereal, toasted sunflower seeds, the same lunch as amanda only not as much smoothie, cheese quesadilla, way too many chips and salsa, beans rice and guacamole, electrolyte water.

Tomorrow we ride earlier and hope to avoid late afternoon winds. two days till Monterey!