Saturday, May 27, 2006

A bad relationship

Lana and our guest rider Brandan with Abby. This is before Abby knew what was in store from the day.

Today we were in a bad relationship with the wind. a hellish relationship that lasted for approximately 7 hours and 15 minutes of actual peddaling time. we left at 8:37 am and did not stop until 7:30pm. we rode approx. 71.6 miles until amanda got a flat and i virtually collapsed (ian rode 78 milesall the way into Guadalupe). for the last 15 miles we were going approx. 6 miles an hour on completely flat ground and 8 miles an hour downhill. at times we were completely stopped mid-pedal stroke. our eyes are wind burned even though we were wearing glasses the entire ride. it was extremely hard to enjoy the surrondings because of the extreme conditions. we later found out there was a high wind warning for that area. things we did to distract ourselves from the pain: counted 6 dead rattlesnakes on the shoulder
1 other snake of unknown variety (possibly large lizard)
4 lizard (some dead)
2 cauliflower heads
1 rabbit and 1 dried up dog/coyote carcass

At one point ian and amanda were both staring at a beautiful grassy hill with cows on it. Ian said, "That looks like some tasty grass" to which Amanda replied, "Yeah. It looks really a nice bed." They then realized they must be hungry and tired.

there was one great hill climb and a fun downhill which was exciting and beautiful but it set us up for dissapointment when we were faced with constant wind between 25-33 mph for the last 1/4 of our journey. today the only thing we heard was wind and it was not music to our ears by any means. amanda ate: snack - 2 and a half peanut butter go macro bars, 3 bags of clif gummy squares, 1 pecan nectar bar, 3 haas farms apple fruit leathers, 3/4 of an orange from michael, lunch - 1 cheese avo sandwich, 1 dense choc cookie, 3/4 salad, 1 blueberry smoothie, dinner - some avo cucumber sushi, grilled salmon, salad with thousand island dressing, half spinach gomaae, edamame, miso, and 2 luna bars, 2 clif bars for dessert. abby ate: rice cereal, lots of dried figs, 4 Ha's apple roll ups, 1 and 1/2 pb macro bar, one pack of Cliff electrolyte chews (save me from collapse at last mile of trip), one grilled cheese sandwich with avocado and veggies, half a small salad, health food stlye choc. chip cookie, part of amanda's blueberry smoothie, spinach with sesame sauce, veggie avocado/cuke roll, edamame, miso soup, some of amanda's salmon, rice, bite of Boo's plum ice cream, part of amanda's Cliff carrot cake bar.