Friday, May 26, 2006

Day 2

santa barbara critical mass

today we left our wonderful hosts in the malibu hills for Santa Barbara at 8:35am. we were delayed because we had to repair amanda's flat tire. the weather was cool in the morning and breezy. we were pestered by a rabid squirrel at point mugu, we saw glorious fields of vegetables and fruit, and of course the ocean to our left the whole way. we rode as a group of four with our friend Lana joining us for the day. then we were joined by Ian's friend who took us to a great lunch spot in ventura. highlights of the day were: strawberry signs, the train that passed and the hissing of the tracks afterward, riding with the santa barbara critical mass, becoming honarary members of the santa barbara chapter of Los Furios@s. We had a great dinner at Sojourner then rushed off to our last minute show at Mercury Lounge in Goleta where we were greeted by Critical Mass and some fans who had patiently waited for us to arrive. We played outside on the back porch to a very supportive group of people who were quietly listening as we tried to muster up our loudest voices. It was a peaceful way to end the day. Today we rode 81.46 miles. it took us about 8 hours to get to Goleta but that includes two flat tires and a leisurely lunch stop. We were actually pedalling for just over 6 hours of that time. Amanda rode two miles more because she got lost. Post ride music is currently playing in the i-tunes: the Moonlighters, a great group out of New York City. Today's food log, Amanda: Jill Greenbergs homemade granola, 3 peanut butter Go Macro Bars, Corn Burritos, 1/2 a tamale, beans and rice, 1/2 box of strawberries, underripe peach, eggplant parmesan, side salad, polenta squares with marinara sauce, sip of abby's juice, almond crunch, granola(again) with rice milk. Abby's food log: Jill's Granola with soy milk, 1 granola bar except for the piece i dropped on the sidewalk which Lana picked up and ate, 1 peanut butter Go Macro bar, 2 Ha's Apple Fruit rolls, 3 strawberries, 1/4 tamale, beans and rice, 1 taco burrito thing, piece of dried Mango, Salad with ginger tofu and brown rice, small beet celery carrot juice, bite of Lana's tempeh rueben sandwich, stir fry veggies with spicy tempeh and cashews, a lot of almond crunch, a good amount of dark chocolate to keep me awake while i type this. See you tomorrow at the Ramada inn parking lot for an 8:00am meet/departure time as we ride north toward monterey.