Monday, May 29, 2006

May 29th

Day 5 in our bike tour and what a great day of riding. 70 miles, a lot of big hills and great weather for us. we're in Big Sur and playing a show at 9ish tonight at Fernwood on Hwy. 1 a mile north of Pffefer state park. thanks to diane (or diana not sure) for letting us jump in and play last minute like this. hope to see you there for our acoustic set. they even have a piano for greg!

Boo and Greg seen here

Jimmy and John and Abby at gig

details of ride: saw very little road kill which is always good because it is not pleasant for the animals. saw lots of amazing colored water and the white caps were the color i wish my teeth were. amanda made up a song to the tune of Jolene: 2 mile, 2 miles, 2 miles, 2 miiiiiles...why'd you have to lie and say two said to miles till i get there, now it's been 3 i'm splitting hairs, the sign did lie to me it said 2 miles."
meanwhile i made up a song called "gotta get to gorda" which i hope to finish and play sometime on this tour. ian and amanda saw a guy sleeping in a ditch, amanda's knee was giving her greif, a bird almost shit on ians head, and abby passed on the $15.95 fish and chips even if they were the rated top 5 of the United States. met a very helpful and friendly cyclist/musician traveling from Vancouver to Mexico. gave me the inside scoop on the slide detour north of Half MOon bay. WE Loved today's ride and are staying in a choice location.

This was lunch!

Dinner was great!
2 Jicama Butter lettuce salads, nachos, 2 baskets of chips and salsa and guacamole, salmon with coconut milk and cabbage and mango, bites of incredible boo's incredible chocolate cake, ice cream and ian's sopapillas...So full! want more ice cream.

This awesome man is Chris. he let us use the wireless from his hotel to update this weblog entry!