Thursday, September 07, 2006

Music and Grub

While in NY, we've been dining out and seeing lots of shows.
here's abby with our friends Nerissa and Brad and cupcakes.
Brad's music is awesome! click here to listen.

Our friend Rick took us to see Les Paul perform at an old jazz club near Times Square. Les was quite humorous and he and the band were great. during the set they had some guest performers up and after the last guest, they asked if there was anyone they missed. Rick yelled out that we sing Les's song "Smoke Rings" and Les asked if we were any good. They let us on stage and we got to perform with Les. it was quite a thrill. afterwards, he brought us backstage and we got to hear stories about old LA and how he came to write "Smoke Rings"

right after that we went straight to the Rodeo Bar to see one of our favorite bands "The Moonlighters" play for the first time.
they do lots of 20's tunes and sing amazing intricate harmonies.

we ran into Chris Thile from Nickel Creek and got to see him play a show. he's such an incredible and energetic performer.

lots of beauty to be found at the union square farmer's market

even a political circus

tomorrow we're off to Seattle to get back on our bikes.