Saturday, September 02, 2006

4,502.75 miles and we're here.

WE MADE IT! We're in NY. it was our longest riding day ever!

the day after our show in Philadelphia

we peddled for over 9 hours to NY. it was a 100 mile ride, 60 miles of which were in the rain.

but we wanted so bad to get to NY for dinner...and we did.

the next day we played our show at the Spiegeltent. the theme was Cops and Robbers.

since then, we've been hanging with our friendsand doing a food tour of NYC. yesterday, we ate at 7 restaurants!

the paparazzi finally caught up with us outside of Cones.

and of course Klum was there too, stealing the limelight.

we've got a week of rest before we gotta get our butts back to the west coast and on our bikes. Seattle here we come.