Thursday, July 06, 2006

we're in Denver - what a day

Today we rode what was supposed to be an easy 60 mile day to Denver from Fort Collins, but it ended up being over 75 miles. We were joined by Fort Collins locals Patrick and Amy who helped guide us out of town. On the way to Longmont, we came accross some major police activity. abby was able to capture a few pictures before they released the attack dogs. we rolled out of there quick before any bullets started flying.

later, mid bite into an energy bar, amanda was told that the famed Lucille's restaurant had another location a few miles away in Longmont...we dined on corn bread, biscuits with strawberry & rhubarb jam, salad, cajun potatoes, and beignets.

the next 10 miles, we felt our lunch and took it real slow. then it started raining. we didn't know how to get to our hotel, so we stopped at the fire station to ask for directions.

on our way, we came upon our fave japanese restaurant in Denver called Taki's where we ate miso soup, salmon, pickled daikon and carrots, hijiki and edamame, tofu and brown rice. we bought some books at the Tattered Cover book store and finished up our day with a trip to Wild Oats where amanda ate a chocolate chip cookie, a blueberry muffin and a pint of organic vanilla ice cream.

note: amanda had Mike and the Mechanic's song "the living years" stuck in her head for hours.

last night we played in Fort Collins we played a gig at the Aggie. and though the place was not packed, the crowd was extremely enthusiastic. we had amazing karoke singers and sister kate dancer contestants. yesterday we had a really fun guided tour through the New Belgium Brewery. We taste tested many types of beer and got to ride down the curvey slide in their office. thanks to meredith, chris, matt and todd for a really fun day!