Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MO' MO' MO' how do you like it? how do you like it?

our kansas city show was a blast. fans were great and sooo supportive of our nerdy desire to put on a wizard of oz show. thanks everyone!

jim - the first saw player of the tour did a beautiful rendition of "over the rainbow"

the ride out of kansas city was beautiful thanks to our tour guide Mark who led us in the right direction.

our riders outbound from Kansas City

during the ride, a passing motorist yelled something in a language we couldn't quite understand. it sounded something like, "AYEHSH HOWL"

it was an 80 mile trek into Missouri's "college town" of Warrensburg. we searched for food options and reef flip flops for amanda, found neither and ended up at the grocery store for some pesticide ridden salad greens with radishes and english cucumbers. that wasn't enough so we broke down and voraciously ate a large Quizno's sub sandwich. we were hot and exhausted and fell asleep at 7 o clock.

this morning we rode 75 miles to Boonville. what a great ride it was, except for getting chased by the biggest dog we've ever seen. abby yelled at the house to call off their beast but nobody appeared to be home. the ride went through corn fields and rolling hills and there was virtually no traffic all the way to sedalia where we then hopped on the Katy trail: sorry, no cars allowed!!! amanda plays piano on the katy trail

the katy trail is shady and full of LIVE animals such as big fat black snakes, little green snakes, rabbits, squirrels, and red birds, lots of butterflies that kept flying into my face. it was a hot one but we left early and got done by 2 o'clock. then, salad fixin' at the low budget motel...uh oh, still hungry...we saw a Walmart, a mexican restaraunt, and a Subway...
amanda tried to claim subway is the best of the shitty sub sandwich shops so we compared our veggie sub today to yesterday's Quizno's. subway failed. they weren't even as good. but that didn't stop amanda from eating three 6" subs. to be fair, abby ate 1 inche of one of them, so we suppose she actually ate 17". abby ate 13" of sub. while we can't really condone eating at chain sub establishments, they did provide us with a sense of being full.

amanda followed the day's eating frenzy by drinking a quart of chocolate silk soymilk and her new favorite luna bar is peanut butter cookie! abby has an on-going dilemma. she can't decide whether her Terry Cycle low rider biker shorts or her Rock and Republic jean cut-offs are her favorite riding gear. abby and amanda do agree that the Clif Organic shot blocks are a must have during hot summer excursions. they've saved our butts on multiple occasions during this heat wave.

tomorrow we ride the Katy trail to columbia which is supposed to be a "college town". if they have brown rice and a dark green vegetable we'll be happy.

2 days ago, we were busy getting a new stage prop ready...our pagoda piano

boo and greg construct the pagoda in our hotel

rick designs the dragon and paints the pagoda

3 little girls at the hotel want to help paint

Forgot to post the quote of the day the other day:
after stopping at the gas station outside of Lawrence to get water and grub, Boo bought some hot and spicy cheetos and beef jerky chew. while we were riding away, Boo said, "Oh, Shit! I forgot to put jerky in my mouth!"