Thursday, July 27, 2006

day 65

people keep telling us "you're halfway there" but the fact is we'll be in nyc in less than 35 days. so we're actually about 2/3 of the way there. we kind of can't believe it.

the columbia show was a whirlwind. we rode in, we ate some grub at Main Squeeze, went Thrift Shopping and posed with mannequins, we played, we slept. the humidity outside was probably the thickest we've felt on the tour so far. we were soaking wet in our sun dresses. the crowd was full of dancing kids which kept us entertained the whole time.

this was a pretty part of the trail with a tunnel

today we road 75 miles on the katy trail with a great group of people. we had 8 riders come out with us.

cole, lee and pete road the enitre way from columbia to rhineland!
the longest ride yet for these bmx pros. turned touring cyclists for the day. and they road with single speeds and fixed gears. way to go guys. lee even got chomped by a wasp of hornet.

details: animal sightings on the trail as follows, one or two snakes, two turtles, an indigo bunting, a small rabbit, a deer, multiple squirrels, an unidentifiable mammal of medium size, and butterflies galore. zero road kill.

abby's food log today: redwood hills goat yogurt with berries, peaches, bannans, salt and pepper cashews, fig newtons, 2 string cheeses and flax seed crackers, 2 clif shot blocks, 1 go macro granola bar, apple, grilled cheese sandwich, brown rice with braggs amino acids and flax oil, steamed broccoli, salad with almonds, cherry tomatoes from our host Amanda's garden, cucmber from garden, and some chocolate chip cookies. it's almost 10 and she's still kind of hungry. amanda hasn't stopped eating yet so she can't accurately account for her food 'till she stops eating blueberry and poppyseed mini muffins.