Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Our last show in Colorado was great fun. We were really excited to get to open for the Indigo Girls and the show was in a giant barn. The audience had some of the most entertaining dancers we have ever seen. We rode a whopping 15 miles to the venue!

The next day we bid farewell to Ian who had to get back to Cali. We started our ride just east of Denver International Airport. We learned the hard way that just because G Maps say that a road is paved doesn’t mean it stays paved. We had our first interaction with some backroads dogs who liked to hover near our heels. That got our hearts racing.

We spent a magical evening in Anton Colorado in a lovely little cottage. We sat on the porch with Elva who taught us all about the history of Anton, population of 15. It turned out she was a wonderful quilt-maker and she helped us sew our backdrop.

She was a lovely host. We won’t forget our favorite night of the tour watching the pink lightning storm which was a million times better than any fireworks we’ve seen in our lives. Abby felt like a magical being.

This morning, Abby quickly realized that although she may be a magical being, she is also a human. In the first 5 miles of the ride Abby crashed while carelessly trying to retrieve her walkie talkie that had fallen out if its holster. She had no serious injuries, but skinned her knee so bad that it bled for the rest of the ride. DeWald says, “Thanks for loaning me that pink bandana, Amanda. I felt just like Punky Brewster, except with more blood.”
here is some of the blood

this is a poor excuse for a road, according to abby's knee

here we are doing a radio phoner interview with Sirius Radio while attending to Abby's hurt knee

Abby had 2 flat tires

The theme song for “Family Matters” was stuck on repeat in Amanda’s head for much of the ride.

strange sighting - cars buried in the side of a hill along our route

We rode 83 miles to St. Francis, Kansas and we have already discovered that NO, everything after the Rockies is NOT flat.