Sunday, July 09, 2006

casa bonita

today we headed for boulder and on the way we stopped at greg and boo's restaurant of choice..."casa bonita." it is not only a restaurant, in fact it is most famous for its gaudy decor and cliff divers. yes, there are cliffs and a pool of water in the middle of the restaurant. and we saw a fake gorilla and skeletons and caves. we decided to pass on the food and had ice water in marguerita glasses.

it rained all day and ian went on a mega ride of 145 miles...WOW!

we went on a hike near the flat irons and ate at an organic restaurant called Karma Cuisine. We had yam puffs, empanadas, plantain-tempeh cake with kale.
earlier today, abby ate the best cookie of her life from the health food store in Frisco. and surprisingly it did not involve chocolate. it was an almond butter, apricot, coconut masterpiece. abby is not a huge fan of dried apricots or coconut, but now she is converted.