Tuesday, June 13, 2006


photos by ian walker at magic underground

This was the funnest and most eventful trip to Reno yet. Beautiful river, good food, circus circus.
We woke up this morning, had some breakfast, and rode our bikes to a radio show. just a few blocks away a sniper shot a judge in the court house and police were swarming the scene...helicopters too - LA style. Haven't heard word on the judge's condition or if they caught the sniper. But it certainly was an eventful afternoon. All this took place right across the street from our show at "Magic Underground' What a great place! We say some great close-up magic, borrowed some awesome costumes and props, and played for an enthusiastic crowd of all ages.

here's a video of us at Magic Underground

we even ran into Colin after the show - abby's friend from Redding who took amanda on her first mountain bike ride many years ago.

abby with amanda's gift of a mini skeleton at lunch today

we got in Danni's hand-made puff paint ditty shirts. they're so cool.

more ian walker pics