Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Into the desert

We left Reno this morning. Rode up and up geiger road to pass 6700 feet. The wind playfully pushed Amanda up the hill a bit. Then on the descent, the wind playfully almost pushed us all off our bikes. Abby was getting blown around like a tumbleweed. It was scary. Don't mess with the wind. It's a powerful thing. Ian went over 40 miles an hour on one of the descents. Abby said it was the first time she wanted the downhill to end.

Amanda saw some of the most entertaining road kill today: as she came upon a mass of furry hair wondering what unlucky animal it was, she identified it as a synthetic hair scrunchie. Soon after that, she saw an abandoned stuffed animal rabbit on the side of the road.

We came upon Virginia City, a cute little historic mining town with a "suicide table" and "bucket of blood."
It rained on us a bit and Amanda had a song in her head "The water's getting rough, it's more than i can handle....on dry land once more" by the band "Hello Stranger" and "Somewhere over the Rainbow" - great song. We got to try out our rain gear.

Then we rode another 50 miles along highway 50 with shoulder rumble strips and Abby almost got sucked into the traffic when a big truck passed her and the draft was super strong. Those rumble strips are no fun! we Passed resevoir that reminded Amanda of the "Swamp of Sadness" from Neverending Story.

Finally close to Fallon, we hit smooth pavement and passed a llama store, a rock shop, and a sign reminding us that "Jesus is Lord." Had the worst meal of the trip at a Mexican/Italian restaurant. So sad to eat shitty food.

Another song in Amanda's head was "The Heart is the only Nation" by her mom Ruth Barrett.
Got her thinking about war and ideals and nations. With all the detention centers and news of torture, she wondered what freedoms are we fighting for if we don't preserve those freedoms in the way we fight? Trying to fight terrorism with terror and torture breeds more terrorism. She started thinking about political prisoners here and abroad and how lucky she is to have freedom of movement out on the open road on her bicycle.

We rode 87 miles today. Tomorrow, it's going to be an even longer day.

Not sure when we'll be able to update next. We'll post when we get to Salt Lake if not sooner.