Saturday, June 24, 2006

the power of 3's

we said our goodbyes to salt lake city and our peanut butter shakes and headed east to the 40 yesterday. along the 40 amanda saw 3 broken down cars and abby was yelled at 3 times by angry teenage boys driving their dad's boats to the lake. we got to our campsite and our food and camping gear had not yet arrived.

we met a handsome weathered couple down at the boat dock of soldier creek campground and we splurged on wheat thins, mozzarella string cheese, and treetop apple juice. we felt like kids with our sack lunches back in the 2nd grade. we finally saw some stars last night through the roof of our tent. we rode 86 miles yesterday.

today was a glorious change in terrain. amanda thought it looked like thunder mountain railroad at disneyland and abby thought it looked like the pecos bill cartoon she saw when she was a kid. what we learned is that the world looks alot like disneyland.

while refilling our water at the gas station, we were approached by a gentleman who kindly offered us 2 "get out of hell free" cards, which amanda declined. abby took it as a sign of good luck. she pocketed the two cards and said, "i'm gonna hold onto these. you never know when you're gonna have to get out of hell. and now i can get out two times...for free."

the colors of the water, sky and rocks were incredible on this ride. then we took off our polarized sunglasses and realized they were not quite as emerald city as we thought they were. oh, well. we rode 69 miles today and made giant salads after a trip to the jubilee supermarket.

additional notes:

on this lonely road of trail mix, peanut butter sandwiches and m&m's - we'd like to recall the days spent with our dear friends Mio, Satchi, and Naoko and the "cooks in the kitchen." Girls, we miss you.

And for all of you concerned people out there who have been worrying about about our friend John from San Francisco who his injured chin, here is a progress report -

may it continue to heal well, john. keep it up!