Sunday, June 25, 2006


today we rode to dinosaur. AND we rode into our 3rd state, COLORADO! the ride was mostly high desert with shrubs and rocks. really cool looking. it's getting hotter, but so far we have lucked out in a big way, not one day hotter than 90 degrees.

we met a dutch traveler named pepijn from holland travelling alone for 4 months by bicycle. what an adventurer!

abby was really tired as she rolled into dinosaur.

we didn't think there would be anything there except a rundown hotel and an RV park that looked like a cemetery. to our surprise there was a wonderful little roadside cafe that baked their own bread, grew their own sprouts, and made their own ice cream. we had veggie sandwiches and ice cream for a fantastic lunch. abby's lemon ice cream was the best she has had in forever.

afterwards we headed out into the desert for our post ride show. the prarie dogs and jack rabbits were oh too kind. thanks for listening.