Monday, June 05, 2006

our time in Davis

Hooray. we just played a show in one of the bike-friendliest places on earth - Davis, CA. thanks to everyone at Delta of Venus, 122 B Street for letting us play, and for fixing us some great food. ian said his plum chicken was the best meal of the tour. and amanda and abby devoured thier hot and sour tempeh and ginger tofu with greens, plantains and rice. we played outside on the patio for a lovely group of people for an hour or so and had a great time. what a peaceful way to spend our evening. we don't even want to leave, but we've got a lot of ground to cover. thanks to the guys at wheelworks for fixing our bikes up for the trip over the Sierra Nevadas.

Boo bought a road bike from Kens bike and ski today to ride with us. we think we'll be meeting for the ride out of town tomorrow around 12:00pm at the Delta of Venus in Davis to go to Sacramento. Come ride with us. We can work up a sweat in the heat of the day.

other highlights: we got to climb on the crazy playground dome where we met 8 years ago.

this morning we went to the horse barn where abby once worked. amanda got shocked by the electric fence surrounding the pens. abby saw a Burberry pony that was her favorite.

we met a great guy at the barber shop on G street, jeff, who told us about the Delta of Venus and that's how we ended up playing there. he rides a tall bamboo bicycle made by a bike artist in San Diego.

We ate some popsicles and soy cream from the Davis Food Co-Op and we stocked up on non perishable goods for our trip in the mountains.