Monday, June 05, 2006

Going East

We headed out of SF to Davis California today. It was a breezy 65 mile ride...the easiest yet. we all enjoyed ourselves and the weather was warm. The rolling hills and blue sky were so pretty and the staring cows were cool. we pigged out at breakfast, so no snacking along the ride today.

breakfast: vanilla ice cream, cherry blintz crepe, pumpkin pankakes, salmon egg scramble with toast and potatoes, carrot juice and 3 monster muffins and such cookies.

ian's maximum speed now holds the record at 37 miles an hour. abby came in second at 35 miles an hour.

yesterday, we played a show in SF to a large crowd. there were some rowdy ones in the group, but there were also alot of friends in the audience...some even in pirate costumes.

We had two openers last night. Our friend Shawn Bannon showed some short films and Amanda and her best friend Michael's sketch comedy show "Pretty Things"was screened too. here's a clip that stars michael, amanda, abby, our violin player john lambdin, and our pal joey in a sketch called the "Jam Session"

earlier in the day we did a fun ride with the SF bike coalition.

a nice 14 miles through the city. Boo joined us for the ride, which was alot of fun.
AND Ian said he had a surprise for us. Amanda asked if it was food. Ian said it was better than food. Amanda asked what could be better than food and it was... Our dear friend LANA surprised us and came up to SF to ride with us for the day.

We also hung with our friend and webman Rick Whitmore and Amanda's childhood friend Sarah.

here is a video of our San Francisco ride.