Thursday, June 01, 2006

june first-santa cruz to S.F.

We made it all the way to San Francisco, and nobody got hurt...except for when ian fell, amanda fell, and john fell. today was an epic day. a never ending day. we started at the Quality Inn joined by Pete, Kelley, and John. Abby's mom sent us off at 8:00am. we rode up the hwy 1 until pete had to turn around and go back to his brothers place. thanks for riding with us pete. -he surprised us at last night's show in Santa Cruz which was a great show in a really unique space. we highly reccomend the watermelon lemonade beverage. - we rode up to the slide detour at Devils pass, pissed in the bushes, ate some snacks. and asked a couple of cyclists whether to take the 84 or the 92.

they said the 92 had less hills. there was our answer. big mistake. lots of crazy logging trucks barreling past us all the way up to the summit which was probably a five mile climb. John ate a total of 5 Cliff bars and was really hungry by this point.

a nice Santa Cruz boy brought us fresh organic peas, which ended up being our only fresh veggie of the day.

amanda rode up the hill multitasking on her cell and delivered the message that the Euro Van carrying all our gear was broken down. Abby laughed hysterically because everyone was paranoid that we couldn't make the KFOG performance on Friday morning because we were traveling by bicycle, and what happens? the brand new Dodge Sprinter craps out during week 1.

here are greg and boo trying to deal with the vehicle situation

we rode the rest of the way into San Francisco and John crashed his bike 5 blocks from the restaurant we were going to eat at. we took him to the hospital to get checked out.

he kicked ass. he rode 80 miles, crashed his bike, spent 4 hours at the emergency room for a cut on the chin, and he did it all on 7 Cliff bars. way to go john! after we said goodnight to everyone and sent john back to Sunnyvale, we went and ate a thoroughly mediocre meal at Herbivore. However, the eavesdropping was top notch. we listened to a table of three, location dropping just about every country on the planet.

John had the quote of the day after he heard amanda sing a Red Lobster tune, "i'd eat that, i'd eat anything right now, other than a Cliff bar" cliff bars are great, it's just hard to believe he ate 7 of them. other details: 79.11 miles, lots of hills, some wind, lots of traffic. songs stuck in abby's head: I shot the Sheriff
songs stuck in amandas head: tunes from the musical "hair". abby ate half a piece of vegan carrot cake, 3 ravioli, rice noodle salad, veggies and quinoa, piece of bread dipped in good olive oil, 2 and 1/2 Go Macro bars, 2 has apple roll ups, lots of salt and peppered cashews, cranberries, sunflower seeds, rice cereal, apple. amanda ate:

We rode our bikes to San Francisco and played 5 shows on the way! thanks to everyone who came and made it a special trip.

abby with skeleton

one of our openers and our friend Jimmy Perry

boo at merch

natara riding on two wheels at the attic. what a fun show that was.