Wednesday, May 31, 2006

may 7

today was a short ride and WIND FREE!!! oh what a feeling to go 16 to 20mph on flat ground after days on end of wind. we rode about 47 miles today from Monterey to Santa Cruz. what a fun show last night at Monterey Live.

a great bunch of people came out to here us and Vermillion Lies. we really appreciate the support. Justin drew some amazing drawings of the show.

this was the first night playing with the back drop on this tour. eric and dennis came all the way from LA and were a big help in the set up and loading this afternoon.

Jimmy Perry made a beautiful poem dedicated to John Lambdin called "The Ditty Bops have ascended upon your town"

ride details: most of the ride took us along a bike path and through agricultural fields of strawberrys and artichokes. abby's USDA certified organic status is no longer applicable as she rode through a cloud of pesticides sprayed by some guy dressed like the scientist who messed with E.T. Amanda had her first spill on the sidewalk in front of a Bagel internet cafe. she fell gracefully. ian's photoblog might have a photo. amanda's smell of the day was "Crazy Flower" abby renamed it "chemical Flower". songs stuck in the head today were Nickle Creek's "Anthony" and Jesca Hoop's "Seed of Wonder". Ian rode fastest today. abby's mom has been sewing and washing laundry for us while we ride. we all met for lunch at the infamous "Walnut Cafe" in Santa Cruz : Abby ate: tofu broccoli scramble, potatoes, berry muffin, sips of amanda's blueberry smoothie, a bite of peach turnover from the Santa Cruz Farmer's market (amazing!), half of a pancake with maple syrup, my mom's garlic bread, hot fudge sundae from maryanne's, that's all for now until my late night post show snack. amanda ate: stack of pancakes, some of my mom's ahi tuna, peach turnover, some of abby's potatoes, spinach and leek turnover, hot fudge sundae, blueberry smoothie, cliff nectar bar, cucumber watermelon lemonade, that's all till dinner.

tomorrow we ride with our friend john who will be busting his butt with us to make it to San Francisco before friday morning. if the wind is at our backs we can surely make it.

years ago, abby and john wanted to go on a cross-country bike trip. here is the original list they made of things to pack for their hypothetical trip.