Monday, August 28, 2006


Having Kaveh and Tuba out for these shows has been awesome. we've been doing a lot of cover songs by the pirate band "R".

After the Jammin Java show we rode to Annapolis for a nice 50 mile ride.

Yesterday's ride was a different story! it was the second hardest ride, second only to the ride in Craig Colorado. Abby invented the route and the topography was insane. Up and down CONSTANTLY. it was only 60 miles, but it felt like 120. it didn't help that we went through a town that smelled like human shit. we were riding through a porto john for over 10 miles. abby finally went to church on sunday, for the first time on this use their bathroom.

after the ride, Amanda was feeling collapsable, so she had a Clif Bar "Recovery" drink. It is great for after a really hard ride when you don't feel like you can eat, but you need calories. It really helped. then we all went and ate a yummy reviving dinner, followed by Woody Allen's new comedy SCOOP. it was just what we needed.

we're in Philadelphia and playing at World Cafe tonight. Red Heart the Ticker will be opening tonight. they've been playing the last 2 shows with us and they're great.