Monday, August 14, 2006

MIchigan Fest

So, the women's festival was lots of fun. we were there for a short 36 hours. the best part was that we got to visit amanda's mom and step mom who were there.

we lovingly renamed Boo "Straight Boo" because she was one of the few hetero gals in the place. falcon and ruth taught her amazon archery and she was a natural!
Three bulls eyes in a row!

and remember Elva from the B&B in Anton Colorado? Well, it's a small world, cuz we met her neice at the festival - pictured here.

we got to hang with the band "Betty", Vicky Randle, and lots of other cool musicians.

on our 60 mile ride from the festival, we were chased by dogs and saw this sign.

today we rode 34 miles into Grand Rapids to play our gig. We ate at one of the best restaurants in the world called marie catrib's. locally grown deliciousness. we topped off our incredible meal with some jaw-dropping, face stuffing peanut butter pie.

we also happened upon the coolest Halloween store, but it was closed. sad day. in 5 minutes, we'll be onstage at Billy's to play a show. tomorrow it's off toward Ann Arbor.