Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Yesterday along the trail we ran into some runners who recognized us from a Nickel Creek show. Jared and Jerett ended up treating us to lunch at a fabulous restaurant called Blue Moon. we ate heartily for lunch and even went back again for dinner.

we finally got to go swimming in the Patomic River. it was gorg!
here's abby riding out of historic Harper's Ferry.

yesterday we rode 70 miles and today 68. we arrived all the way to Washington DC and we've now ridden over 4,000 miles. by the way, if you are interested in donating to one of the two non-profits we're raising money for, please check out Adventure Cycling and Pedals for Progress on our "Help Out" page.

when we arrived in DC, we got directions from two secret service agents on bikes to the Lincoln Memorial.

tonight we ate an incredible meal at Sunflower restaurant. it was macro and delish!
Tuba and Kaveh flew in tonight. so glad to have them aboard!
show tomorrow night in Vienna.

Almost to NY and it's time to say a big thanks to our sponsors for helping us out on our tour:

their brewery is wind-powered, their festival Tour de Fat is solar powered, and one of their beers is organic.

their maps are invaluable to our tour! use their maps to get across the country and you won't get lost.

abby's favorite Nectar bar flavor is Cranberry Apricot Almond. She also really likes their chocolate one. it makes a great vegan brownie.
amanda's favorite Nectar is Lemon Vanilla Cashew.
The best Luna Bar is hands down Lemon Zest and Amanda likes Carrot Cake Clif Bars too.

Abby and Amanda are unanimous in our love for the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and the Granola Delight bars. They are macrobiotic and grain sweetened.

abby's favorite Terry bike shorts are the Low Riders and amanda likes the Long Short Shorts. They are a good length for preventing sunburns and are really comfy.

amanda's favorite lip balm is calendula. it smells like chocolate and orange and we both use the Rehab Creme on our sore legs.

our Cross Check bikes are Surly. New Belgium, Adventure Cycling and Surly all helped us get set up on our new bikes. They are light weight, great for long travels with the drop handle bars and have treated us well on our journey.

New Rumble Strips coming soon!