Saturday, July 15, 2006

We're in the Middle of the United States, literally

two days ago we rode from St Francis to Norcatur, KS. the first 70 miles were great fun and we left at 5:30 in the morning so it wasn't hot. however, the last 20 miles of our journey were friggin friggin HOT! supposedly it was 105 degrees. abby got heat stroke, she had the chills. amanda passed the turn off and rode an extra 3 miles. the ride was 92-94 miles depending on if you were on course or lost.
they didn't like bikes much at Raye's market in Oberlin

here's a video of amanda's shadow

and her bike

we recouperated in the home of our new friend Bee.
she's a pal of our puppeteer Lynn Jeffries. Bee fed us, let us do our laundry, took us to the health food store in a storm, and was such a charming host. she let us stay an extra day to rest and we had a great time.

greg rutledge's picture of the fireflies and bicycles in Norcatur

last night we played a gig at the Cardinal Bar and Grill for some locals on pizza night. we had strawberry rhubarb and apple crum pies and tried out Gooseberry Pie for the first time. it's not for everyone, but Greg thought it was for him.

This morning, we departed at 5:15 am with Boo and a guest rider named Daniel. It was a nice surprise to have a guest rider join us in the very small town of Norcatur! Boo rode 50 miles today, beating her old record of 43 miles! today's ride was 80 miles and we finished before 11:30 am.
amanda caught alot of bugs on her arm today. see if you can spot them between the freckles and moles

our awesome hotel in Smith Center

this afternoon we will be at the geographic center of the United States after which we will be visiting the World's Largest Ball of Twine. We have running bets on the diameter of the twine ball. the winner of the bet will get to buzz cut the losing members' hair.