Sunday, July 23, 2006


The show in Lawrence, KS was great. a group of wonderful people turned up for the early evening outdoor show at the Gaslight. fortunatley the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees since the day before so it felt comfortable and we could all enjoy ourselves. the train that runs through town passed by just in time for a rendition of "moon over the freeway." our friend rick (also our webman and calendar graphic designer) flew out from LA to visit and ride with us. Our friend Ty drove a whopping 10 hours to make an audio recording of the show!

We saw THE BEST dancing at our Lawrence show!

here is Gus, the 8 year old winner of the "Sister Kate Dance-Off"

Here is Gus's Dance that won him a prized Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Clif Bar and Vol. 1 of Rumble Strips (a combined 5 dollar Value)

Gus talks about going for your goals

on another note, here's amanda's "crazy salad" that she fixed in our hotel room - a swell alternative to gas station food

the day before our show in Lawrence, amanda met Doozie and Brad at the venue. Brad and his family let us use their garage to build a set piece for our Kansas City Show. Thanks, guys!

greg builds a stage prop at Brad's house

here's brad blowing glass

our guest riders Mike, Rick, Boo, Eric, Nick, and Cooper

we rode 42 miles into Kansas City. it was a pretty ride and alot cooler out than the 105 degree heat wave last week.

then we were invited to an organic home-cooked meal at the beautiful home of Mike and Chrissy. It was delicious!

Our wonderful hosts who cooked us the best meal of the tour, Mike and Chrissy

The dessert

Tonight is our Wizard of Oz show in Kansas City. We hope for an extension of this 85 degree bliss for our ride towards Columbia, MO on monday.