Monday, June 19, 2006

What a beautiful Day

this morning amanda had 2 flat tires. abby got so pissed that she threw the pump and exclaimed, "this is bullshit!"

we gave up on fixing amanda's bike since it was getting hot and the day was escaping from us, so amanda rode her old mountain bike - the GT Aggressor - for 50 miles. Then the mountain bike got a flat tire, too.

when we got to our destination for the day, we all decided to keep riding another 45 or so miles to the next town since we'd had a tail wind for much of the day.

at the gas station in Eureka, Utah we fixed amanda's tire on the road bike thanks to Ian's pump, Euro Van's rejuvinating OJ and ice, and Abby's determination.

Amanda counted a record number of dead animals today.

270 Roadkill Animals

141 of those were rabbits
6 of them were hawks
4 of them were snakes
1 was an unidentifiable large large animal
the rest were other animals at different stages of decay

amanda also found 2 pirate flags on the side of the road. the first she picked up was a larger version of our stage skeleton's little pirate flag. the skeleton image on this flag was flapping around in the wind like a mischievious pirate. he was good company. then 5 miles later, she found another one just like it, but with a red pole.
this one was for abby. he was fine company on the ride too.

we rode along a most beautiful lake for miles and miles. it was called Utah Lake.
after a while along the lake, we hit a construction zone where trucks were bringing in all sorts of materials for tract mansions. there was a golf course, too. one street was called "Wildlife Blvd." thought it was a bit weird and typical that the making of "Wildlife Blvd" and its surrounding homes was killing much of the area's natural wildlife.

later, amanda was joined by an older man for 5 miles who was lost and late for his granddaughter's wedding rehearsal dinner. he'd gone out for a short exercise ride wearing his slippers and ended up riding for longer than planned.

we rode 100 miles today. shit, yeah.