Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Two Weeks in

today we rode from sacramento to nevada city. it was 75 miles with quite a few hills. temperatures were warm and we were sweating like slimy pigs that rolled around in sun screen and dirt. top speed was recorded by amanda at 36.7mph abby felt tired and rode slower than usual and ian rode fast and furious. all abby could talk about the whole way was how she wanted a popsicle. amanda wanted a smoothie and told the others so. right as we rolled into town we saw a juice shack with a mister out front like some crazy mirage. abby ordered an apple lemon ginger blended with ice. amanda got lemon, lime, and apple icee. all organic and all great. we all got brain freezes and sat in the sun. later on after we had chilled at our cabin we walked to the organic veggie/health restaraunt and got grub galore. abby ordered thai salad with tempeh, a side of brown rice, and a cup of black bean chilli. amanda ordered thai salad with tempeh and a vegan nut and seed loaf with steamed veggies. we also had some of ians fries, avocado melt, a bite of salmon, and a bite of boo's pesto pasta. then we got soy cream cherry and butter pecan to go and ate it on our front porch while we talked about pirate booty.

songs stuck in amanda's head was MQ musik's "cat food" ( and also the song 16 miles (to the tune of 16 tons): you go 16 miles and what do you get? you go another 15 before you can rest. hey abby don't you hurry cause i'm too slow, i need some grub at the company store.

amanda saw 2 dead skunks that smelled bad and a highly decomposed deer that gave her an idea for an art project, 5 snakes, 2 or 3 birds, and a grey squirrel and some other rodents.

here we are at our cottage.