Monday, June 26, 2006

oh, craig!

today was the most difficult day since our ride to Guadalupe in California.
There was a headwind as we rode hill after endless hill for 87 miles.

at a stop, abby took a nap while she waited for amanda. then we met some really nice bikers.

abby's favorite part of the ride was watching the antelopes.

during the ride we debated about whether abby should be Wonder Woman or Kermit the Frog for Halloween.

we almost fell asleep on our bikes numerous times today. abby rode for the longest she's ever ridden - 7 hours of actual peddling time. amanda rode for a minute under 8 hours.

when we finally arrived to our destination of Craig, Colorado - amanda cried with relief and exhaustion.

then we went and had mediocre mexican food for dinner.