Friday, June 02, 2006

Food Glorious Food

Today was a wonderful rest day. Total bicycle miles - 0.

We ate in Berkeley and San Francisco with friends. We ate at 5 restaurants
Cheese Board - 2 pieces of pizza each
Chaya - fried eggplant stuffed with corn and potatoes, brown rice, tempura, seaweed salad, daikon salad
Cheese Board cheese shop - half cheese roll and bites of the shattock street blues roll
Massie's - macaroon and chocolate tart
a hippy place in berkeley with veggie food - choc chip ginger cookie
cupcake shop -mini mudpie cupcake and 2 banana cream pie pieces and a choc oatmeal cookie
Pauline's Pizza - Large Pizza half with artichokes, goat cheese, lemon zest and the other half with black olives + mushrooms
Rainbow Grocery - numerous "monster muffins and such" cookies (amanda's favorite)

we also went back to the hippy place twice, the cupcake shop twice, the hippy veggie place twice and used the bathroom at Saul's Deli twice.

we stepped in and out of Cafe Gratitude too.

It was a great food day.
these were our hosts for the day in Berkeley Zach and Emunah.

emunah our friend looked through clothing discards for something to wear.

this was a sign from a cute bike store in SF

collaborative drawings of abby, amanda and our friend sarah at dinner on the placemat

sarah and amanda with our favorite cookies "monster muffins and such"

here's a video from our ride with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition