Friday, June 16, 2006

day 23

rode a ton of hills. almost 4,000 feet of climbing today. 78 miles and 4 summits. what a glorious day except for the shitty wind in the valleys. Boo rode 43 miles with us today! which is 43 miles more than amanda rode; she had recovery from illness day. being the virgo that she is she organized the entire back seat of the van and it is much more pleasant to get the gear and food out of it now. thanks amanda.

here is Boo on her Bike

not a single mormon bug did we see on the road today. however, we did cross paths with ryan and oscar again who are traveling to Ohio by bicycle this summer (and camping almost entirely). abby had her fastest speed ever at 40mph today, ian beat her out with a top speed of 43mph. abby got too scared to go any faster and immediately decided to go only 30 from here on out. Boo nearly ran into a bull that was crossing the highway, and amanda caught it on video tape from the van.

tomorrow is our last day in Nevada. we've seen a lot of shady dudes and a lot of eccentric characters. mostly we want to say thanks to the truckers for scooting over when they pass us, and thanks to the motorcyclists who almost always give us a salute.

the song stuck iin abby's head while riding was: chillin' up the hill, a really disgusting pop style song she made up while riding up a big fat hill.
after the ride she couldn't stop singing: god is watching us, god is watching us, god is watching us from a distance.

food notes: amanda ate food today, a sure sign she is feeling better: half a mango, beans, guacamole, and corn tortillas, cabbage salad.

abby ate: rice cereal with crans, bananas, rice milk, sunflower seeds, go macro bar, ha's apple roll up, tangerine, cashews, corn tortillas, guacamole, cabbage salad, pinto beans, small cup of cherry garcia ice cream, cookie dough ice cream bar (not recommended), one of ians choc. chip cookies, 2 reese's extra pb cups that amanda got for Cosmo.

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ian found some road kill

amanda couldn't have named it better

boo and greg get fried ice cream


junkyard dogs